Monday Mix-up! | First Edition

Aug 1, 2016

Happy Monday, friends! And also happy August! I have been wanting to start a series like this for months now and finally, I’m able to do so! Why couldn’t I start earlier you ask? Well… I couldn’t think of a name. There. I said it. It took me weeks upon weeks to think of ‘Monday Mix-up’! And then finally in a state of complete exhaustion and dehydration last night, it came to me. I texted a friend for confirmation this morning, and voila! The Monday Mix-Up is born!

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Baltimore Engagement Session | Rockfield Manor | Jimmy and Katelyn

Jul 26, 2016

Jimmy and Katelyn both work in the healthcare field. Actually, if we could turn back time a few years, then I’m certain we all would have crossed paths! They’re also parents to a couple of four legged cuties. And once glance at their social media lets you know that they love to travel and spend time with their families. They’re active, adorable, and totally in love. Jimmy and Katelyn laughed, danced, and giggled all evening long.

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Top of the Bay Wedding | Jack and Allison | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Jul 20, 2016

When I walked into the bridal suite on Jack & Allison’s wedding day, Allison greeted me with an, “OMG! You’re here! Now it really feels like my wedding day!” I can’t begin to tell you how much that meant to me! What’s more, is that her bridesmaids all started to say hello and told me that they were so excited to work with me. In the first three minutes of being there for HER wedding day, MY day had been made.

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Baltimore Engagement Session | Matt & Megan Riverside Engagement with Dogs

Jul 15, 2016

So let’s meet Matt and Megan! Ravens fans, doggie parents, sweethearts, and one of my awesome august weddings! We had a blast at their engagement session from the dogs, to the time I smacked myself in the face with my camera and went home with a fat lip, to the epic field that was the final backdrop for their engagement session.

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Behind the Lens | On Your 6th Birthday

Jul 12, 2016

We’ve been inseparable for six years now. Not only are we mother and son, but we’re the best of friends. We do almost everything together and if you add it all up, we haven’t spent more than a week apart your entire life. We’re each other’s biggest fans, biggest supporters, and loudest cheerleaders. You help me decide what to wear, tell me if my hair looks good, and give me endless hugs and “I love you”s. You push the grocery cart, help fold laundry, and load the car for me when I’m off to a wedding. You’ve got a kind, caring heart. I’m getting married in a few short months and you refer to the wedding as ‘our wedding’ because you are as much a part of this as Chris and I.

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Nick & Amanda | Carroll County Farm Museum Engagement Session

Jul 1, 2016

Amanda and Nick are high school sweethearts. They’ve been together for years and years and already have two precious children together. When I met Amanda to talk about her wedding, she and I just clicked. I think motherhood does that! Their wedding was in May {and was absolutely gorgeous!} but of course, I shot their engagement session first, so that’s what I’ll be sharing today! And did I mention, Amanda is pregnant with their THIRD baby! A little boy due any day now! Amanda is also a talented hair stylist, so basically she’s superwoman- working and taking care of their growing family!

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Shawn & Marisa | Baltimore Engagement Session

Jun 8, 2016

Meet Shawn and Marisa! After many years of dating, Shawn finally proposed to Marisa in February! Marisa had been hoping that Shawn would propose soon, but he was waiting until the time was just right. They’re planning their wedding for August at the awesome Star Spangled Flag House Museum in Baltimore. And a Baltimore wedding definitely fits the bill for them! They enjoy heading down to Camden Yards for Orioles games, sitting outside picking steamed crabs, and something tells me that they wash those crabs down with a Natty Boh or two!

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Behind the Lens | Our Engagement Story

Jun 2, 2016

I’m so grateful for the support of this fun series! I’m in a really exciting season of life right now- I’m engaged! Chris and I are in the midst of wedding planning so I thought I would share our history together and our proposal story!

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The Uskert Family | Maryland Portrait Photographer

May 25, 2016

Today I get to introduce ya’ll to the Uskert Family! Rick, Amy, and their two kiddos, Adam and Rachel are a fun little bunch that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to call my friends for the past few years. Adam and Rachel are very close in age, so much so that they were often in the same preschool class!

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Behind the Lens Series

May 23, 2016

I’ve decided to start a new blog series and I’m super excited about it! I’m calling it Behind the Lens! In these posts, you’ll get to learn about the person behind the camera! I do a lot more than just photography. The idea came from me wanting so badly to blog more than just my sessions and weddings, but not wanting to pigeon-hole myself into one super specific topic (just yet!)…

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