a sneak peek of the anne casey workshop!

If I can make it happen, I know that you can, too! 

If you’re curious about the 2018 Workshop, check out the recap from the blog!  


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- alexandra kent

"I have totally changed my entire approach to my business. It’s like night and day! I cannot thank you enough for all of your help and insight - it has changed my business!" 

- deborah stiffler

"I felt so energized and excited as soon as I started talking to Anne!  My blog had become a source of stress and guilt because it wasn’t heading in the direction that I wanted it to, but I literally had no idea how to get there.  Anne is getting me back on track!  She has an incredible amount of insight into running a small business, and she’s also a great accountability partner.  I finally feel like I’m on my way to meeting my short and long term goals, and I couldn’t have done it without Anne."

- kait bailey

"Having Anne as a mentor has been one of the best things I've done for my business. Not only is Anne super relatable and easy to get along with, but she completely gets what it's like to try and build a side-hustle into something successful. She helped me revamp and streamline my website, and we set out weekly and monthly schedules for me so that my work will be consistent and relevant. Anne gave me easy, accessible action steps, and not once did I feel overwhelmed by my growing to-do list because Anne was with me every step of the way! I'm so thankful for her wisdom and guidance!"

- macy volpe

“After a year of business I realized I was lacking clear direction. Anne gave me specific advice and excellent tips on how I could get over the hump from hobby to actually succeeding in the creative business world. She reviewed my current website and materials to help me create an action plan to elevate my business. The best thing about working with Anne was that she gets it. She knows what it is like to love doing something so much that you want to turn it into your lifestyle, and she helped me do this all while letting her fun personality shine through."