Top of the Bay Wedding | Jack and Allison | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Jul 20, 2016

When I walked into the bridal suite on Jack & Allison’s wedding day, Allison greeted me with an, “OMG! You’re here! Now it really feels like my wedding day!” I can’t begin to tell you how much that meant to me! What’s more, is that her bridesmaids all started to say hello and told me that they were so excited to work with me. In the first three minutes of being there for HER wedding day, MY day had been made.
Being a photographer can sometimes be a thankless job. Just a few months ago, there was an article floating around by a huge bridal magazine saying that your photographers only work for a couple hours on your wedding day and they don’t even need to be fed. The photography community was definitely upset about that! We spend hours prepping for your big day. Gear checks, calibrations, backup equipment, timelines, you name it. I hire a babysitter, wake up early, plan an outfit, double and triple check my bags, and leave extra super early in case of traffic. I’m there for 8, 10, even 12 hours sometimes, barely making a run for the restroom because I don’t want to miss a moment! We get trampled on the dance floor, we eat vendor meals while sitting on the floor, we get pushed out of the way by guests with iPads. The way I see it, I’m an extra bridesmaid that day. I’ll fix your veil, make sure your hair is perfect, remind you to drink water, and more often than not I’ll even bustle your dress (I’m getting pretty good at that)! And I’m there to photograph every minute of it. What I’m saying, is that I am all in on your wedding day. It’s about the two of you and your marriage. And I’m there to do everything I can to make this day the best it could possibly be.

Jack, Allison, families, and bridal party- thank you for welcoming me! Thank you all for being such a pleasure to work with! Thank you for appreciating me. Thank you for being excited for portraits. Thank you for packing the dance floor even though the air conditioning was broken. Thank you for letting me in on the secret, Jack, that you were surprising Allison with an extra diamond wedding band. Thank you, Allison, for all of the hugs! And thank you both for making me feel like I was important and I mattered. I pour my heart and soul into my couple and their weddings and you guys reminded me why.


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