Behind the Lens Series

May 23, 2016

Hi Friends!

I’ve decided to start a new blog series and I’m super excited about it! I’m calling it Behind the Lens! In these posts, you’ll get to learn about the person behind the camera! I do a lot more than just photography. The idea came from me wanting so badly to blog more than just my sessions and weddings, but not wanting to pigeon-hole myself into one super specific topic (just yet!)…

If you’re newer around here, make sure you check out my first personal post, 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me! It’s a shorter list of silly facts that I had so much fun putting together. Thanks to all the girls that read that post, I now opt for a gel manicure instead of regular polish! I’ve had two since I posted that blog and I’m hooked.

So you kind of know me through the blog, my website, and social media… but what else do you want to know? If you have any questions for me, leave a comment below and I’ll answer them in future posts! I’m a lot more than a photographer and some of the things I’ve done in my life will certainly surprise you! I’m excited to share more about myself with you awesome people!

This is going to be so much fun!


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