Behind the Lens | On Your 6th Birthday

Jul 12, 2016


You’re about to wake up any second now. You went to bed last night as a 5 year old. You were singing ‘Best Day of my Life’ after we said our goodnights and shut the door.

So much has happened in the six years you’ve been on this earth! You’ve made wonderful friends, started elementary school, ridden a camel, had two surgeries, and dreamed big. You’re always up for an adventure, ready to help with a project, and you’ve got life figured all out. You met the girl you want to marry when you were just three. If you actually do marry her, I’m thinking we need a movie deal. You’re already saving to buy a car and know that you want to be a photographer.

On the day you were born, you were a full week late. Your due date was July 5th and I remember spending the entire day before at a 4th of July party hoping all of the dancing and walking around would move things along. I was all alone in the hospital room when my water broke and I just remember thinking, “oh boy, I guess this is happening”! Several hours later (and 2 and half hours of pushing…) you arrived! The next few years are kind of a blur of diapers, feedings, and snuggles.

We’ve been inseparable for six years now. Not only are we mother and son, but we’re the best of friends. We do almost everything together and if you add it all up, we haven’t spent more than a week apart your entire life. We’re each other’s biggest fans, biggest supporters, and loudest cheerleaders. You help me decide what to wear, tell me if my hair looks good, and give me endless hugs and “I love you”s. You push the grocery cart, help fold laundry, and load the car for me when I’m off to a wedding. You’ve got a kind, caring heart. I’m getting married in a few short months and you refer to the wedding as ‘our wedding’ because you are as much a part of this as Chris and I.

I can’t wait to see where this year takes you! Happy birthday, Brody! You are so loved.


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