The Uskert Family | Maryland Portrait Photographer

May 25, 2016

Today I get to introduce ya’ll to the Uskert Family! Rick, Amy, and their two kiddos, Adam and Rachel are a fun little bunch that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to call my friends for the past few years. Adam and Rachel are very close in age, so much so that they were often in the same preschool class! How do I know this? That’s where we met when my son, Brody started preschool at the age of three.

The Uskert’s are such a great family to be around. Rick has this analytical, engineer mind that’s always running. He’s also a super-nerd. Ask me how I know! Amy is so sweet, kind, and sassy. She has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is battling through that. Amy’s recovering from a recent surgery so please send her prayers, vibes, and well wishes! I know this will just be a bump in the road for her. Adam certainly takes after his father. When my son had his tonsils taken out this spring, Adam sent Brody the most descriptive, properly labeled, and probably drawn to scale homemade Transformers card! And Rachel just makes me smile every time I see her! She is just the most darling little girl that loves her dance classes and any excuse to twirl!

Rick and Amy have moved several times during their years together. They eventually settled here in Maryland and had an amazing home custom built in the country. I don’t think they’ve ever lived anywhere quite as rural as where they are now! Amy will often mention the moo-ing that comes from the cattle farm about 1/2 mile down the road from their house. Just wait until these cicadas hit us! It’ll be any day now!

Enjoy getting to know the Uskert’s and please send all the happy thoughts towards Amy! 


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