Monday Mix-up! | First Edition

Aug 1, 2016

Happy Monday, friends! And also happy August! I have been wanting to start a series like this for months now and finally, I’m able to do so! Why couldn’t I start earlier you ask? Well… I couldn’t think of a name. There. I said it. It took me weeks upon weeks to think of ‘Monday Mix-up’! And then finally in a state of complete exhaustion and dehydration last night, it came to me. I texted a friend for confirmation this morning, and voila! The Monday Mix-Up is born!

There’s so much I want to talk about sometimes, other than photography. Most of it wouldn’t typically warrant an entire blog post, so I created this series to share the highlight of the week before. It could be anything from recipes, stories about my dog, a crazy adventure I went on, my newest Netflix obsession… you name it! It will all be gathered in lovely list form for you to read and enjoy! Hopefully it will help start your week of with a laugh and a smile!

-Wednesday we took a day trip to Ocean City! As many of you know, Brody recently turned 6. In all these years of his little life, he’d never been to the beach! We don’t have time for a full out vacation this summer, but a day trip is pretty easy! We covered almost everything Ocean City has to offer in eight jam packed hours.

– I photographed two weddings last week with my friends. Friday I spent the day at Pond View Farm with Carrie D Photography. I have been wanting to check out this venue for quite some time and was so excited when Carrie asked me to work with her! Saturday’s wedding was kind of like putting on your favorite pair of sweatpants. Weird analogy, right? I worked with Lisa Robin Photography at Top of the Bay. Lisa and I have known each other since we were in elementary school! We’re so comfortable working together and I love it. I’ve had weddings at Top of the Bay more than once and I know that venue up and down, inside and out! So it was pretty much a perfect combination.

-Sunday started the week of the Sheridan Takeover, as I’ve decided to call it. Chris’ family is somewhat spread out between Maryland, Virginia, and Tennessee. Chris has three other brothers, two of which are twins. One of the twins has three daughters that are here this week from TN. The other twin lives in VA and doesn’t get to see the girls as often as he’d like, so he and his wife drove 5 hours just so we could all spend time together. We hosted a crazy cookout at our house last night and it was so much fun! The twins are identical, so the girls took to calling their uncle, Uncle Daddy. I think that is the funniest thing I’ve heard in weeks! It was so sweet! They headed back to Virginia this morning, but the girls don’t leave until Saturday to go back to Tennessee and we’ll be spending lots of time together.

-If you follow along on Snapchat, you’ve seen that my vegetable garden has turned into a jungle! I dread going out there every day and finding another zucchini! I’ve been testing all sorts of zucchini recipes that I’ll be sharing soon.

-And finally, we celebrated my sister-in-law’s baby shower on Sunday, too! Her sweet friends planned a classy afternoon shower at the Mountain Branch Country Club. And guess what!? I actually won a game! You know that game where you cut a piece of string that you think it the size of the mama’s belly? We played that with Price is Right rules (closest without going over) and I won!! I was within an inch! Totally shocked. And my price was this awesome candle.

It was a crazy week in our household and I’m sure this week will be too! Check in next Monday to see what adventures the Sheridan Takeover took us on!




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