Fabulous Minimalist Wedding Trends For Your Wedding

Apr 19, 2019

Minimalism is everywhere at the moment, and for good reason. It’s a beautiful style that showcases what’s important to you as a couple. When it comes to nailing down your minimalist wedding design, it can seem daunting – how do you make something look minimal?? These minimalist wedding trends that I’ve seen used in my clients’ weddings can give you a great start to thinking about your minimalist wedding style!


Greenery never goes out of style. In a wedding, green is practically a neutral since it complements flowers and other decorations so well. If you’re searching for another color to add to your wedding palette – green is where it’s at! Green is perfect in minimalist weddings because it pairs so well with other minimalist colors and doesn’t distract from the stars of the show!

Clean lines

Minimalism is all about clean lines. It’s one of the defining features of the style, and the great thing is, it’s super easy to achieve! Wire hoops decorated with a spray of flowers, a geometric wedding backdrop, square cakes – there are so many different ways to incorporate minimalist wedding trends into your wedding, and considering what kind of frills your decoration has is an easy rule of thumb to remember when you’re shopping.

Minimalist-Minded Photographer

When it comes to capturing photos of your special day, it’s important to find a photographer who shares your vision. If you’re looking for a minimalist-themed wedding, then you should share that vision with your photographer so that they can capture exactly what you’re looking for. They can search out clean backgrounds and photograph all your lovely decor. I love bringing a couple’s vision to life! Just let me know what you’re looking for!

Transparent Seating

Clear chairs go with every color. They are fabulous with almost any theme. These chairs are so easy – they don’t distract from the party, and they don’t distract from the decoration. Plus they’re light, so they’re super easy to move around when setting up, or when everyone hits the dance floor!

A Simple Wedding Dress

A modern wedding dress makes you the star of the show. This is another place where clean lines come back into play – a simple wedding dress frames your unique beauty. Pick a gown without lace or too much decoration, and wear some accent jewelry. Or draw attention with a bold lip color. So fun!

Muted Colors

I mean, you can definitely have a neon themed minimalist wedding if you want to, but muted colors are more the standard when it comes to a minimalist wedding. It’s all about focusing on what’s important, which is you and your love! A subtle pink or blue is the perfect accent color to the gorgeous whites of a wedding, and of course, we can’t forget the green!

What Minimalist Trends Will You Incorporate into Your Wedding?

Is the minimalist trend something that you plan on trying? Or are you throwing a true maximalist wedding with all the bells and whistles? I love hearing about what brides are planning for their special day!


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