5 Tips For Crushing Your Engagement Photos | Maryland Engagement Photographer

Apr 12, 2019

I personally feel that engagement photos are some of the most important photos that you take during your wedding journey. They’re a great chance to connect with your wedding photographer and get into a groove with the style and concept that you’re looking for come the wedding day. That’s why I want to talk today about how to make your engagement photos as fabulous as you are! Here are my top five tips from a professional engagement photographer on how you can crush your engagement session.

Wear Something Comfy

I feel like this is super obvious advice, but it’s always worth repeating! If you don’t feel comfortable, it’s harder to look comfortable. For your engagement shoot, pick your favorite outfit and then rock it! Then, make sure you steam or iron your outfits before we head out to take photos! This is one of those things that you might not notice in real life that can jump out in your engagement photos.

Consider Professional Hair and Makeup

Before your wedding, you can experiment with different hair and makeup – that’s half the fun! It’s a great time to try out a hairstyle that looks great on Pinterest and make sure it works for your style and what kind of makeup you’re looking for. Plus – this is the perfect chance to try out a hairstylist or makeup artist that you’re considering for your wedding, and see what their work looks like before it’s time to book your wedding hair and makeup trial!

Don’t Worry About the Camera

Engagement shoots are all about putting your love in photos. I love shooting more candid photos – that’s where you get shots of real love! With that in mind, you don’t need to look at the camera for every single shot. You can look at each other, or over the horizon into your future!

Have an All-Day Date

An engagement shoot is definitely a time commitment, but it’s so fun! Why not make it a full day date, and plan other things to complement your shoot! Maybe you go to the spa beforehand and get a couples massage or facial. That way you’re nice and relaxed for your photos. Or maybe plan a dinner date to celebrate having a good time and getting your engagement photos done! That’s definitely a big check on the to-do list!

When in doubt, kiss!

Engagement shots are all about your relationship and capturing your love. If you’re feeling nervous or don’t know how to pose, engage with each other. Kiss, hug, dance, or just have a conversation. A great photographer will catch it all, even when you don’t realize you’re posing.  Your wedding is a journey of celebration, and engagement photo day is such a good day!


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