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Dec 28, 2018

Getting Ready Photos are a Must on Your Wedding Day!

The special moments of your wedding day start way before your ceremony. Start the day off with some unforgettable moments during your getting ready time with your girls! When I capture your getting ready shots, I’m not just taking photos of you and your girls getting ready. I’m packaging up all of that giddy excitement, anticipation, and joy you’re sharing with your best ladies the morning of your wedding! Five years from the big day, you’ll want to look through these moments and remember how that exciting mix of emotions felt. I’ve got some pointers on how to make these images in your photo album special!

Glam Up Your Getting Ready Space.

Wherever you’re getting ready the morning of your wedding, the location should feel warm, inviting, and celebratory. Try to find a space with lots of natural light, or we can work together to make the lighting warm and soft to change the atmosphere of the room. If there’s some cool vintage furniture around, all the better! You could also swap out any florals in the room temporarily and replace them with your bridal party bouquets so we can get some of your wedding colors in the photos!

Feature Your Bridesmaids Gifts.

I’m loving all the coordinating bridal and bridesmaids getting ready robes! They are super adorable and we can capture the best group photos with everyone dressed up in their robes. Pro tip, make sure the robes have been steamed! Oftentimes they’re packaged up and even letting them hang on a hanger doesn’t release the wrinkles. If you’re getting married on the Eastern Shore, maybe some preppy monogrammed pajamas! Either way, your bridesmaids gifts can make your getting ready photos cohesive and meaningful. Bonus- everyone gets new PJs!

Don’t Forget to Include the Groom’s Getting Ready Photos.

I love capturing getting ready photos for both the bride and the groom! The differences between both groups is always fun and really shows how much these photos reflect yours and your significant other’s personalities!

Some great ideas for groom’s getting ready photos include straightening their tie, putting on cuff links, or a celebratory drink with the groomsmen! I’ve had wedding days where the grooms are playing vintage video games or catching a round of golf. Sometimes they’re watching football and other times they’re trying to figure out what in the world to do with a pocket square.

Make a Schedule for Your Getting Ready Photos.

Whether or not you’re working with a wedding coordinator, you’ll want to schedule your morning meticulously to keep everything going smoothly and make the most of every part of your wedding day! Hair and makeup for eight or so people can be a hectic process. Make sure your girls are on schedule with their hair and makeup so you have time to take those cute shots of you and your ladies in your robes or monogrammed PJs! Add in some extra time – sometimes things run late, hair doesn’t cooperate, or weather plays a factor.

(PS – if you’re thinking about hiring a wedding planner, I know a great one! You can check them out here.)

Remember – It’s About You & Your Spouse.

The biggest thing to remember is that it’s about you, so ask yourself – what’s important for you to have and look back on from your big day? Make sure your getting ready photos speak to you!

And not to worry – I’ll take care of making your getting ready images beautiful. But, you can use any of these pointers to make that experience in front of the camera that much more of a celebration between you and your crew.

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