Perfectly Plaid Classic Family Portraits | Workman Family Christmas Photos 2018 | Baltimore Lifestyle Photographer

Nov 9, 2018

Workman Family Christmas Photos 2018 | Baltimore Lifestyle Photographer

Hi guys! I’m so excited to share photos of a very special family with you guys! As the holidays approach we’re all going to be thinking more and more about getting those holiday shots done for our cards, but one family already has that all taken care of! I met the Workman family a few years ago and now I do family portraits for them almost every year! It’s so fun to see their family grow over time- isn’t their new daughter so cute?

Maria (the mom) is always so on top of it- look at this; it’s the beginning of November, and not only has she gotten her holiday pictures taken, but she and her family look so adorable in them!

We took these photos at Hampton Mansion, which is such a beautiful historical site. Did you know it was once possibly the largest private home in the United States? I wouldn’t hate living there! We took these photos outside of course, to get all that lovely light, and the architecture in the background adds a little extra beauty, don’t you think? It was frigid that morning! We worked super quickly and there was lots of bribery and blankets behind the scenes.

Maria always chooses traditional and well-coordinated holiday outfits for their Christmas photos, which I love and admire- I’m always trying to pull together my own family members from a dozen directions! Their red and green plaid is so classic, and I love that the girls dresses match. Patrick’s (their son) red sweater looks so cute and cozy too!

A fun fact about the Workman family – their new daughter was actually born the day before Dylan’s (my daughter) birthday, which totally explains why we didn’t see each other in 2017 for portraits- both of us mamas were very pregnant!

I was so happy to be able to have the opportunity to shoot the Workman family again. Watching their kids grow up a little more each year is such a pleasure. And they all look so sharp, which was great because it was Patrick’s birthday the day we shot- so they went right from holiday photos to a birthday celebration! I bet they had a great time!


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