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May 14, 2018

Afternoon Lifestyle Shoot with the Kait and Joe

For anyone who doesn’t know, I’m a huge Joanna Gaines fan. My perfect Friday night consists of my couch and an endless supply of Fixer Upper re-runs. Recently I spent an amazing afternoon shooting a lifestyle home session with Kait and Joe, Baltimore’s cutest couple and owners of a home that looks like it was styled by Joanna herself! After photographing Kait and Joe in their wholesome Maryland home, I quickly fell in love with the space that Kait expertly decorated and the couple themselves. Their home is such a warm, welcoming environment with the cutest details showing how much the two care about each other.

Kait and Joe moved to Maryland a few years ago, and love it here! As a college chemistry professor and photographer, she’s creative AND detail oriented. What I found most endearing about the two of them during their session was their obvious connection. They’re incredibly comfortable and goofy when they’re together, which made their session a breeze to shoot. They seemed super comfortable in front of the lens which can sometimes be a challenge. They’re fur friend Luna even made an appearance for part of the session!

I was impressed with Kait’s talented eye for home decor as soon as I walked into her and Joe’s home. From the cool, calming and neutral wall colors to the witty pop culture references (any Friends reference is an A+ in my book!), Kait and Joe’s house was perfect for a night at home! They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and few of my favorite shots feature moments Kait and Joe shared in their kitchen. We were able to capture their comfort and ease from being in their home for the session.

Joanna Gaines would 100% approve of Kait and Joe’s house, from the trendy country kitchen to the natural accents in each room! 


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