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May 14, 2018

Life around here has been going and going and going lately! I guess that’s what happens after a winter of hibernating with a new baby. Once spring rolls around- you’re in full swing! For photographers, spring means engagement sessions, family shoots, and the start of wedding season. For moms, it means end of the school year activities, assemblies, field trips, and summer prep!

It’s only now the middle of May and I’ve already checked three weddings off of my list. This weekend will be another fabulous day that I’ve been excited about for months! My bride, Caroline, has become a friend through this process and a few of my friends are on her guest list! Also- I hear that the dessert she’s got planned will melt in your mouth! I’ve been shooting headshots for other photographers, engagement sessions, family sessions; it feels good to be back in the swing of things! I’ve also been filling my 2019 wedding calendar!

I’m also planning my workshop! This August I’ll be welcoming creative entrepreneurs into an absolutely amazing space for a day chock full of business talk. If you’re looking to grow your business by leaps and bounds and set it up to make a transition to full time, then you need to be here! Take it from someone who used to work FOUR jobs and now runs to businesses in yoga pants- I’ve been in your shoes and I want you to stop having to work so hard! We’re going to be talking marketing, where on earth to find clients, social media, pricing, workflows, and automation. I have a few surprises up my sleeves for attendees as well as a fresh set of headshots!

Family life has been CRAY. For starters, Brody ended up getting mono. How this happened to a 7 year old, I’ll never know. He just got a clean bill of health and is excited to pick things back up at American Ninja Warrior training at Alternate Routes. Dylan turned 5 months last week and this little girl is flourishing! It seems like every day she learns something new and she’s just the sweetest little thing! We’re in the process of having some work done to the house- specifically getting concrete work done and I am eagerly awaiting the finish of that! However, weather hasn’t been cooperating, so it looks like I’m going to have to wait a little longer. In the mean time, I’ve been filling my ‘spare’ (HA, like moms have spare time!…) with gardening, tree planting, and swingset building!

Mothers Day was wonderful! I recovered from the wedding the night before in the most perfect way. Two words. SUSHI BRUNCH. Chris and I had our moms there, my brothers, one of my nieces- we rolled into brunch with about a dozen people. And let me tell you- we don’t mess around at sushi brunch! How can you go wrong with spicy tuna rolls and a side of bacon? You can’t. It’s just not possible. I came home and opened wonderful cards and gifts and then snuggled in for a nap. For dinner, we headed out with Chris’ side of the family and finished it off with some cake and an early bedtime!

Moms- tell me below how you handle the springtime madness! I need some help!


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