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May 5, 2018

Last week, we had a little heart to heart about why you should schedule an engagement session with your wedding photographer. Now that you know all my opinions about why it’s such an awesome thing to do with your fiance, I’d love to chat about what you should plan on wearing during your session so you walk away absolutely loving your engagement photos!

Coordinate Styles and Colors with Your Partner (But Don’t Match!)

Complimentary colors and solid prints are your friends when it comes to your engagement session. If your fiance is wearing a blue plaid button up shirt, steer away from also wearing plaid so that you don’t have a matching print causing a distraction in your photos. If you can, try to keep it to solids to avoid any unnecessary distractions from you and your fiance. We want to see your smiles, not your matching Argyle print!

Wear Clothes that Make You Feel Like You

Imagine: you’re home early on a Friday and decide to arrange a night out with your favorite person. You think of visiting your favorite restaurant, checking out some local hotspots, and exploring some new places. What are you wearing? Probably your favorite outfit that makes you feel most like yourself, but also like you could take on the world!

THAT’s what you should wear for your engagement session! Something that makes you feel confident and 100% you. Why not throw on your fave outfit when you’ll have these photos for the rest of your life?

Stick with Gentle, Cool, or Neutral Tones

Unless you always wear bright or neon colors wherever you go (in which case, go for it!), consider wearing neutral or cool tones for your engagement session. This way your clothes won’t overpower you and the main subject of your photos will be you and your fiance’s relationship. But, you’re personality is always the most important element to your engagement session, so wear what best suits you!

Prepare for a Wardrobe Change

Typically there are two or three settings that make up your total engagement session. The various settings help us capture different moods and organic moment between you and your fiance and create some variation for the photos.

One way to create some more diversity in your photos is to bring an extra outfit to change into for one of the locations. You might want to bring a set of clothes that’s a little more formal than your other set or clothes that have a different overall feel. For example, you might want to bring a cute floral print dress paired with a white button down/khaki combo for a spring engagement session and change later into a more formal solid dress and a suit. Whatever you can think of that will shake up the vibe of the shoot will work perfectly.

Timeless > Trendy for Your Engagement Session

Rule of thumb: timeless is always better than trendy for photos that will last forever. Your engagement session photos are once in a lifetime, and you want to love your outfits twenty or thirty years down the line!

Feel free to ask me advice about anything engagement photo-related here! I would love to give you some pointers on how to make the most of your session!


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