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Aug 17, 2017

Michael and Auburn’s New Home and Surprise Engagement

It warms my heart to write this post! I’ve known Michael forever and was thrilled to celebrate he and Auburn’s first home – and a surprise engagement! 

Michael and I met through his sister, my longtime BFF whom I met when I started sixth grade. Since then, I’ve basically been adopted into their family and Michael is now my little “brother.” After he and Auburn, who’s originally from North Carolina, bought their first home together a few months ago, they reached out to take some photos to celebrate. We, of course, included Michael and Auburn’s English lab pup Holly into the session and she had a blast and made for some great photos! Michael ended up proposing the day that they closed on the house and totally blew Auburn away! The celebrated in an empty house with a bottle of really good champagne… but they had to drink it out of solo cups! 

I remember when I was first introduced to Auburn. We had all gathered in PA to celebrate our grandmother’s birthday and I pulled up to see Michael getting out of his car with a girl I hadn’t ever seen before. It took all of about 2 seconds of talking to Auburn to realize that she is basically perfection! She’s charming, intelligent, and so easy to get along with. She and Michael are such a perfect match and work so well together! So much has changed since I met Michael – he’s getting married to a wonderful girl, purchased his first house, and is a doggie parent to an adorable pup! This is one of those times that I think about the elementary-aged kid that used to drive me bonkers (as little brothers do) and how far he’s come and what he’s accomplished. We’ve celebrated their engagement so far by having this little mini-shoot and throwing them a combination engagement and housewarming party. Next on the list is the bridal shower and engagement session all before their fall wedding! 

Michael holds a special place in my heart (my little bigger brother- since he’s about a foot taller than me!), and I was so happy to be involved in documenting he and Auburn’s new home and engagement! He and Auburn will be tying the knot at Cloister’s Castle this November! I am so thrilled that they asked me to photograph their wedding and engagement and really consider this one of the highest honors. Love you two! 


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