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Feb 13, 2017

Heyyyyy Monday! You’re back… again. How does this keep happening? Does anyone else think that weeks are passing by so quickly? Is this adulthood? Am I adulting?! Last week was absolutely crazy for me!

You might notice I did a little redecorating around my online home! I officially launched my new brand on Friday and am really thrilled about it. This new site feels a lot more like me. I’ve added sample galleries, lots of new content, and even something really exciting for creatives! This is something that has been on my heart for a really long time and I am ready to make it official. If you’ve just started a creative business or are thinking about it, let’s have coffee! Having built this business from literally nothing and turning into something that provides for my family, brings me joy, and has fostered lasting friendships; I want that for you! Small business really sets my heart on fire. I’ll be talking more about this in a later blog post so stay tuned!

We’re also doing a little redecorating around our home! You’ve heard before about our basement renovation project, and we worked a little bit more on that Saturday. We spent a few hours going through everything that’s stored down there, picked things to donate, save, and trash. I can’t believe how much progress we made!

I also decided it was time to say goodbye to our couch. I purchased it less than four years ago from a reputable furniture store thinking I picked out a great couch for a great price. Well, you get what you pay for! Our poor couch has pretty much given up! #GeneralTravisMagoats sleeps on it day and night, we pile on it for movies and weekend cartoons, and it’s the spot for afternoon snoozing. So long you old thing! And say hello to our dream sofa! It’s going to be several weeks until our newest addition gets welcomed home, but we can’t wait! From the moment we sat on this sofa while we were registering for wedding gifts at Crate and Barrel, we knew it was meant to be. No, they’re not sponsoring me! I just feel very strongly about this couch! I even bonded with one of my grooms over our love for this amazing piece of furniture.

My family’s birthdays seem to come in clusters. My sister-in-law’s birthday is February 14th and my husband’s birthday is February 15th! We got together last night to celebrate and Lovely made us a wonderful Filipino dinner! It was soooo delicious!

I also shot a boudoir session yesterday! And let me tell you what- this girl was FIERCE. I am so in love with these images! What’s even better is that she decided to do the session just for fun! Boudoir sessions aren’t just for gifts to boyfriends or husbands- do it for you! Get glammed up, shop for an outfit or two, and celebrate this time in your life!




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