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Feb 6, 2017

Rise and shine!! Anyone else feeling a little rough after last night’s big game? I downed my first cup of coffee in record time this morning… after forgetting to set Brody’s alarm clock, pack his lunch, and being awakened by a barking dog in the middle of the night!

Last week seems eventful and uneventful all at the same time! Is that possible? We had a lot going on but most if it all took place in our house. Here’s what we were up to!

-Oh, #GeneralTravisMagoats… you were so sick! Our poor mastiff had a terrible stomach bug and he was miserable! We ended up at the vet in the middle of the week getting him subcutaneous fluids, x-rays, and shots to hopefully make his belly quit fighting him. He was back to normal by Thursday evening, which was such a relief! I’m sure you can imagine getting a dog that weighs as much as a grown person into the car and to the vet (which he’s terrified of!) is a struggle. I was worried we were going to have to leave him there overnight so I packed some cozy things for him, just in case. Glad that wasn’t the case!

-In related news, my carpets have never been more clean. I was planning on shampooing the carpets soon, so Travis’ bug sped that up!

-Dare I say that our brand new bathroom in the basement is…. finished?! I think it is!! Our basement is totally unfinished and we started on the bathroom in September! We started with the bathroom first because it was the most labor intensive. We also had family staying with us for our wedding so we knew we’d need more than one bathroom to share and got the new one as functional as possible before their arrival. Well, yesterday the last bead of caulk was applied and we hung art on the walls! Huzzah! It’s a glorious feeling.

-I’ve been spending some extra time working on the rest of the basement. It has become a catch-all for, well, all. #Allthethings end up down there and if I have any hopes of getting the family room built down there I should probably do something about the mess. Enter Spacebags. We have a lot of extra bedding and it squished it down to almost nothing! I can’t wait to stuff more things in those bags and make them shrink! Haha!

As you can see, life around here has been soooo exciting! Sick dogs and organizing- what more could you ask for?! What was the highlight of your week?


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