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Aug 29, 2016

Monday has come around again! And oh, what a Monday it will be! I woke up this morning feeling recharged after a really exhausting weekend and ready to take on the world! As I sat down with my morning coffee I started thinking about everything I wanted to accomplish this week. I knew there was no way I was going to remember it all! I have tried really hard to get into the habit of writing lists. I keep two- a business list and a personal list. The sit on my desk and every time I have a thought I try my best to write it down so it doesn’t get forgotten!

Last week seems to have flown by! I only managed to blog once last week, but my goal was three posts. Sometimes life happens and you have to give yourself a little grace, right? Hopefully I will get back on track this week with the help of my trusty lists! So what kept me so busy last week? Well….

– We bought a chest freezer! Serious adulting happening in my house, right? We stumbled upon it in Home Depot for a price you just couldn’t beat. Chris had been wanting one and I kept trying to convince him that we didn’t need it or had anywhere to put it! Well, marriage is about compromise, right? For the price we paid, and the smaller size we got, it was hard to say no. The laundry room is slightly more cramped than it used to be, but now I get to take a day and make a ton of freezer meals and actually have somewhere to put them!

– We have been making major headway with the wedding plans! The hotel room block was worked out for both Friday and Saturday nights. I’m hoping that we fill those rooms and get to spend some extra time with our friends and family.

– One of my bridesmaids, Debbie, and I hit the ground running Thursday morning! Fueled by Starbucks, we had a meeting with the florist! When you sit down with them and show them your inspiration and they can totally recreate it for you, its really exciting! And scary. Because Pinterest dreams are usually costly! Ha! I’m excited about what we came up with and am eager to see the proposal to find out how hard my wallet will cry! After that we headed to the mall because I just couldn’t go on any longer without finding my wedding shoes! I thought I had found -the ones- several weeks back, but when they arrived they were way too narrow! Anyhow, we searched and searched and I was totally #overit. I couldn’t find anything quite perfect enough, or that was even close to fitting. We stopped for lunch so I could eat my feelings. I was ready to go home at that point. Luckily we decided we needed to walk off those calories and walked into a store I’ve never even stepped foot into! Therein lied my wedding shoes. They were perfect! Comfortable. The heel was the perfect height. The right color. Right material. I sang. I danced. I thanked the employees for coming to work and opening the store so I could find -the ones-. Oh, and they were on sale for an incredible steal. Afterwards, we found my wedding jewelry! Later that afternoon Debbie found dresses for my bridal shower and bachelorette party!

– The momentum kept going on Friday, too! We went first thing in the morning to pick out our wedding bands! And it took us a whopping ten minutes! It was so very excellent. The salesperson took one look at Chris, made a recommendation, and hit the nail on the head with his choice! My engagement ring didn’t come as a set so I had to try on a few bands to see what would fit perfectly, but I already had an idea of the look I was going for. It was so easy! I wish I could wear it now… But just over three months to go!

– The little member of the family started first grade on Wednesday! When I picked him up in the afternoon he said it was awesome! And that was it. Trying to get any information out of Brody is basically pulling teeth. I can ask all the follow up questions that I want and it usually gets me nowhere!

– I delivered Shawn and Marisa’s wedding! I am so please with how it turned out! Marisa is a teacher so of course she was incredibly organized! The spreadsheet she sent me for the family formal list was a dream! And her family knew exactly when and where to be ready for the formals so they were a breeze!

Have a great week, friend! What are some things you’d like to accomplish this week? Tell me in the comments!

Here’s me and my little first grader and my it’stooearlyformakeupandrealpants first day of school photo! 🙂


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