Monday Mix-Up | Maryland Wedding Photographer | Fourth Edition

Aug 22, 2016

Guess who’s back, back again… Eminem always gets me ready for a Monday! Who’s with me? I poured an extra cup of coffee this morning as I recover and reflect on this past week and everything that went on! “What happened”, ya ask? Well let me tell you…

– Most excitingly, I’m an AUNT! Little Lillian was born super early Saturday morning and my brother and sister-in-law are just over the moon! She’s squishy, big cheeked, dark haired, and perfect. Mom and baby are doing great!

– My brother and I both have August birthdays, and they’re just four days apart! Friday we were planning on a birthday cookout at our house. In the middle of the day Todd sent me a text and said he was really sorry to cancel but it was baby time! If there was ever a reason to cancel birthday plans, I think this was it. Now we have three Casey birthdays in four days and all I can think about is how much more cake we get to eat! 🙂

– Chris wins an award for the best birthday gift EVER. He got us tickets to see Wicked on BROADWAY! One of my favorite things that Chris and I have in common is our love for theatre. While my involvement ended in high school, Chris actually worked in a professional theatre. Neither of us had seen the show before and oh. my. goodness. The hype is true, people. It was absolutely incredible! The music is amazing, the actors didn’t miss a beat, and the show is so funny! It’s a must see!

– We took a MegaBus up to New York and it was great!

– I treated myself to a bushel of steamed crabs with some friends for my actual birthday. One of my bridesmaids, Allison, made me a pretty pink birthday cake! It had a bit of a rough ride to my house, but even a smushed cake is a good cake!

– We had the menu tasting and cake tasting for our wedding last week, too! We packed a lot of events in a three day weekend so I spent the beginning part of the week hustling hard! I also had two bridal consultations that went really well.

– I almost got run over by a limo in New York City. Rookie mistake. The end. 🙂


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