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Aug 15, 2016

Back at it again! Happy Monday everyone! I hope you’re all handling this heat wave well and that your air conditioning is working like a charm! Here’s what went on last week in my house!

– Brody was down for the count for a few days with a stomach bug. I have no idea where it came from but I am really glad that it didn’t spread to anyone else in the house! It wasn’t too bad and mostly just kept him confined to the couch. He was back to normal by Saturday!

– I booked another 2017 wedding this week and I love how my calendar is coming together. This couple is super sweet and will be having a rustic wedding at an amazing barn venue in Pennsylvania! And I went to high school with the bride! It was so fun seeing her again!

– Friday I decided I had had enough with all of the toys and constant mess in my living room! If you were to come to my house and open any of the doors or drawers on the living room furniture I bet you’d find toys. I have two of those cube organizer shelves that were overflowing, as well! I dumped everything on the floor, got a bunch of plastic totes, and moved about three quarters of Brody’s toys to the basement for storage. As I write this, he’s happily playing with the toys we kept out because, surprise surprise, he can actually find them! I’ll switch everything out every now and then and hopefully pare down and donate some toys, too.

–  The Olympics. I miss my bedtime. Ever since they’ve been on I haven’t fallen asleep before 12:30! And I’m like a 10:30 sort of girl! What’s worse is that we have a TV in the bedroom so I’ll be laying there with my eyes shut trying to fall asleep but then I hear that Michael Phelps is racing again so I open up my eyes and watch. I’m usually not too into sports, but it’s the Olympics! Go Team USA!

– Matt and Megan got married on Saturday! They had a beautiful outdoor ceremony at The Liriodendron Mansion. Megan looked like a million bucks in her gown! SO beautiful! And Blue, their doogie flower girl, was so well behaved! We had a great time dancing the night away!

– Sunday was spent napping on the couch and at the pool. The water i the pool was like bath water! SO WARM. Barely even refreshing when it was 97 degrees out! I had a lot of relaxing and re-hydrating to do after Saturday night’s wedding and not getting to sleep until 2am!

– This coming week has a lot of really fun things planned and ends with my birthday! How did 28 sneak up so quickly?


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