Bubble Wedding Day Sendoff Maryland Wedding Photographer

Romantic Wedding Day Send-Off Ideas Your Guests Will Remember

Sep 6, 2019

People always talk about making a dramatic entrance. It’s one of those iconic moments you wish would happen to you at least once during a formal gathering you attended. You have the perfect opportunity on your wedding day for not only a dramatic entrance but an exciting and memorable send-off for you and your new spouse!

When you envision a wedding day send-off, what do you imagine? Try thinking about yours and your fiance’s couple personality and event details to come up with some amazingly original send-off moments that you will remember forever! Plus, keep reading for some great ideas right here.

Bubble Wands Wedding Day Send-Off

Are you and your fiance fun-loving, adventurous types that have a very active inner child? If that sounds like you and your wedding has a fun and whimsical vibe, a bubble send-off might be the perfect way to end your big day! Give your party guests bubble favors and some instructions, and let them blow some bubbles while you and your new spouse make a dramatic exit!

Bubble Wedding Day Sendoff Maryland Wedding Photographer

Sparkler Wedding Day Send-Off

Sparklers are a classic choice for your send-off! This would work for any type of wedding celebration, but works very well for evening receptions! Plus, they make for an incredible photo opp with your photographer. If you’re going to go the sparkler route, be sure to use long ones and have lots of lighters handy!

Wedding Day Sparkler Sendoff

Use Ribbon Wands!

Ribbon wands make for a fun, simple and easy-to-plan send-off idea for you and your wedding guests, especially if you’re having a daytime wedding. They’re also perfect for an end of ceremony photo opportunity before the reception!

Say Goodbye to Guests From a Vintage Getaway Car

If you really want to go out in style, wave goodbye to your wedding guests from a fun, vintage getaway car! You could rent an old muscle car or vintage Bentley to spice up your wedding day send-off and make fun memories for you and your guests! Vintage Limos offers some vintage car options for weddings. Plus, if you’re a firefighter or a police officer, a firetruck or police cruiser would be super fun!

Think you’ll put any of these ideas into practice for your wedding day send-off? Talk to your photographer for some expert tips on how you can incorporate these into your wedding day timeline!

For some extra tips on putting together a wedding day timeline, here are some pointers!


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