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Mar 22, 2019

What is an After the Wedding Shoot and Why Should You Have One?

Everyone has heard of engagement and wedding photos, but what is an “after the wedding day” photo shoot? Well it’s just what it sounds like! It’s a photo shoot soon after your wedding where you get to put your wedding looks back on and take more photos! These kind of photo shoots have so many positives that I feel like every couple should consider one. Here are some great reasons to have photo shoot soon after your big day!

Wear Your Wedding Clothes Again

I know, you don’t really need much of a reason to put that gorgeous dress on again! There aren’t many opportunities to wear your wedding dress, so why not stretch it out as long as possible? You picked a dress that makes you feel beautiful and stylish, so you should take every chance you can to wear it. I love an excuse to get dressed up and get fancy!

Take Bride and Groom Photos With No Timeline to Meet

Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life, but it’s definitely a day where a lot of things are happening! There are tons of people you want to meet and mingle with plus a timeline that, at the end of the day, demands a lot of your time. Candid photos throughout the wedding are definitely treasures to remember, but if you’re looking for a more relaxed posed photo session, try a different day!

Get Different Bride and Groom Photos

Sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate for your wedding day. Sometimes you just want to go around town and get some different backgrounds and vibes for your wedding photos. A day after wedding shoot isn’t limited to your venue location, so you can really express your creativity with locations and concepts!

Revive Memories of Your Wedding Day

If you’re leaving right from your wedding to your honeymoon, then a day after the wedding shoot might not be realistic. But! You can definitely still get back in your wedding dress and take some gorgeous photos. Taking photos in your wedding clothes is a great idea for your first or second anniversary. That way you can get some great shots, and relieve the good times!

What Are Your Favorite Wedding Photos?

Whether you’ve had your wedding photos for years, or it’s something you’re still looking forward to, I’d love to hear what your favorite poses and backdrops are! What do you love seeing on your wall in the morning? Let me know in the comments below!


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