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Jan 4, 2019

You know how, after the start of every new year, your goals of getting to the gym more often are met with going to the gym and seeing a packed parking lot full of cars? That’s the moment when you realize that everyone’s wanting to get the most out of this new year. Everyone’s jumping right into their 2019 goals right out of the gate, and I’m no exception! These goals have been weighing pretty heavily on my mind lately – where do I want to be this time next year? How do I want to grow as a person, and as a photographer? I know I’m not alone here, so I’m gonna share with you my thought process for making 2019 the best year yet!

Reflect on 2018 and Practice Some Gratitude

First off, give yourself a huge high five for making it through 2018 and for being you! Everything you are and everything you’ve accomplished in your life is because of you, so be proud of yourself! And after you’ve thought about that, try to remember everything that happened last year. Life goes fast, especially when kiddos come along. Take a couple of minutes and remember all the incredible things that have happened in the year, and all the not so incredible things. Then, practice some gratitude for both the awesome highs and, yes, even the lows. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help with this:

  1. What’s one thing I did last year that I was proud of?

  2. How am I better off last year than in 2017?

  3. What have I learned in 2018 that I didn’t know in 2017?

  4. What’s one experience I had in 2018 that changed me?

Envision the Life I Want

Ask yourself – “what do I want 2019 to look like?” Yes, life has a way of getting in the way of all of your grand planning and setting you off track. BUT – if there’s one thing I’ve learned starting my own business and working to make my dreams happen over the last few years, it’s that intentions matter. Living intentionally while focusing on what you really want makes all the difference. In 2018, I hosted my first ever Anne Casey Workshop for photographers because I love helping other creative entrepreneurs grow and thrive in their businesses! What I hope for this year is to take that one step further and dive into that love for coaching and helping other business owners. These questions can help you brainstorm some ideas for 2019:

  1. How do I want to grow professionally this year?

  2. How do I want to grow personally over this year?

  3. What would make me feel happy and fulfilled over the next year?

  4. How can I nurture my relationships over the next 12 months?

Using SMART Goals to Make Your Goals Achievable

How can you transform that wonderful daydream of the perfect 2019 into achievable steps? What needs to happen to make your life easier, better, and healthier? Set SMART goals for yourself to keep yourself on track!

If you’ve never heard of SMART goals, here’s what they stand for:

For me, I typically go for shorter duration goals, three to six months instead of the whole year. This helps me see the end point – a year feels like so long! They can’t be too short of a timeline though, because with the little ones, I need to build in a little extra time for the unexpected. You know, that thing called life!

With that, go and do some soul-searching to make your 2019 your best year yet.


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