Mentoring session with Elaina | Baltimore Wedding Photographer

May 24, 2018

Mentoring session with Elaina in Baltimore

I’ve lived the entrepreneurial dream (insert sarcasm). I was a single mom, working three jobs, and juggling my dream of wedding photography on the side. Through some struggles, uphill battles, amazing people in my corner and some tough lessons, I’m finally where I want to be – working full-time as a creative entrepreneur and living my passion every day.

I was so excited to begin mentoring Elaina, a budding photographer from the eastern shore who reached out because she needed guidance, inspiration, and a strategy for growing her business and taking it to the next level. We met up in Baltimore and we devised some strategies for her business to help her grow and find the clients she needs to be successful.

Elaina’s happy, bubbly personality was a breath of fresh air and made her seem incredibly approachable, one of the first things a photographer needs to be for clients. Her beaming smile was contagious, and she and I both ended her mentoring session excited and ready to see which direction she takes her business using the tools we discussed.

Because I see so many creative entrepreneurs struggling like I was, working multiple jobs, burning out on creativity but trying to do the thing you love most, and struggling to keep up with it all, I felt called to launch a safe space for us to come together and break through these challenges. A place where we can step away from all the stress and step into our creativity.

If you’re ready to take your creative passion to the next level, I hope you’ll join me for an all-day intensive workshop, Friday, August 10 in a historic farmhouse near Frederick, Maryland! We’ll spend the entire day with a small group of creatives talking all things business. We’ll cover everything from workflows, systems I swear by, what and when to outsource, finding that ideal client, social media, and everything in between. Contact me today to reserve your space.


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