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May 26, 2018

Wedding days are always full of surprises. As much as we all hope a wedding day will go off without a hitch, there’s always a chance you might need a plan B to get you through a sticky situation! I always pack some essentials for weddings I cover, so I love when brides and bridesmaids bring their own emergency kits to get them through the day! It’s always a great idea to pack a wedding day emergency kit JUST in case you hit a last-minute snag on your wedding day!

Your list of essentials for Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Include these items in your wedding day emergency checklist to feel prepared and ready for anything on your wedding day!

  1. Sewing Kit – one of your bridesmaids might be dealing with a fashion emergency and have a broken strap on their bridesmaids dress. Or, maybe the hook and eye on your gown came off. These things happen, and a sewing kit to mend minor dress issues is essential on your wedding day! (Also, hem tape might not be a bad idea either!)
  2. Hair Styling Tools – hairspray, bobby pins, curling iron, hair dryer…all of these items are useful to have at least while you and your girls are getting ready.
  3. Deodorant – Especially if you’re getting married in a warm month, you’ll want some deodorant handy to freshen up throughout the day!
  4. First Aid – Bring some basic first aid supplies like over the counter pain pills to shoo away that last minute headache or band-aids in case someone pricks their finger getting everyone ready to go.
  5. Breath Mints – You want to feel super confident and ready to go before your ceremony starts. Keep breath mints handy so you’re not feeling self-conscious before “the kiss!”
  6. Perfume – Beyond getting that gorgeous detail shot with your jewelry, shoes, and perfume, it’s special to use a signature perfume as part of your final wedding day look!
  7. Sunscreen – Don’t forget skincare! Especially if you’re getting married outside, it’s so important to remember to use sunscreen so you don’t get sunburned.
  8. Touch-up Makeup – Bring some concealer, powder, and lip color to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Your makeup artist might be able to help you out with this!
  9. Static-Cling Spray – This is a must. No one wants static during their wedding day
  10. Tissues – Last but not least, keep tissues on hand. You never know when that wave of emotions is going to hit you and sneak in some tears!




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