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Mar 13, 2017

Monday has come around yet again, friends! I think someone is speeding up time. In fact, I’m sure of it. So whoever you are, please stop it! 😉 Have you ever been in one of those seasons of life where you feel like you just can’t catch a break? I’m there now, but I’m thinking there’s a light at the end of the tunnel coming soon!

Let’s talk snow. That’s right, I said SNOW! Check your calendar. It’s the middle of March, right? It was 70 degrees just a few days ago, right? I didn’t dream that up? We’re in for doozy of a storm starting late tonight. We’re stocked up with bread, milk, movies, blankets, and a snowblower so we should be ok!

Let’s talk health. When it rains, it pours, right? First I had a really irritating cough and cold that’s finally on the mend. At the same time, we’ve been trying to figure out what’s wrong with #GeneralTravisMagoats which has required lots of meds, really expensive prescription food, and lots of trips to the vet. Then out of nowhere, Chris’ last wisdom tooth gets all kinds of mad! Luckily, he had it removed within like 18 hours of the pain starting. Then Brody gets a stomach bug that is hopefully on the mend. We kept him home from school today and it looks like he’ll get a freebie tomorrow for another recovery day! Maybe we should quarantine the house? It’s been nice knowing you all! 😉

Let’s talk head shots!! This is a fun one! I had new head shots taken by my sweet friend Shannon last week and I am so excited! They turned out exactly like I had envisioned! We traded so I did head shots for her whole team. I’m excited to share all of these with you!

Let’s talk mentoring! Tuesday was spent in Annapolis with Alexandra Kent. She had contacted me wanting help to jump-start her business. I’ll be writing more about her soon! I look forward to watching her business grow!

That’s all for now, folks! If you’re getting snow tonight/tomorrow, I’m thinking of you! hopefully you have a pantry stocked with goodies, a snow shovel that isn’t broken, and a few good movies waiting in your Netflix queue!


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