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Mar 17, 2017

We all love those little survival kits that help you be deal with difficult situations. So why not invest in a human survival kit for your wedding?! Wedding planners will help you avoid all sorts of anxieties you might feel while planning the most important day of your life (as long as you LET them help you!).

I worked with Enchanting Events & Design for my wedding and let me tell you, it was a DREAM! I literally put all the pressure of planning a wedding into a ball and handed it to Macy. She turned all my worries into an unforgettable day. When it came to wedding planning, I felt confident that I could do it myself. However, running my own business, having a family, and the tasks of everyday life made planning seem SO overwhelming. So today I’m telling you the 4 major reasons why I hired a wedding planner! 

Reason #1: They have experience with a variety of wedding vendors. 

Wedding planners have the opportunity to work with all sorts of wedding vendors. From florists that make gorgeous centerpieces, to bakeries with the most delicious desserts, chances are your wedding planner probably knows the best of the best! Your wedding planner will know which vendors will fit your vision for your wedding AND your budget too! 

Reason #2: To relieve the stress 

Sounds like a simple concept, right? But you have no idea how HELPFUL it was to have a planner. From choosing place card holders to getting my flats when my feet hurt, Macy was there for me. When I entered the room for my rehearsal dinner, I let all my stresses melt away because I knew Macy would take care of everything. It felt so reassuring knowing I could just ENJOY my wedding day instead of worrying about the little details. After all, there is so much build up to make your wedding day fabulous, you deserve to savor the day! 

Reason #3: They will help you refine your vision.  

Most girls dream about their wedding since they were little girls. Me on the other hand, had NO idea what I wanted to do for my wedding. I never really had any vision for it, but I knew I wanted it to be classy. Sure, I work with brides frequently and experienced so many weddings but I had no idea what I wanted for my day. It’s really hard deciding what theme or colors will speak true for your special day. Wedding planners will take all your ideas/dreams and make them come to life. So basically, wedding planners are magicians! 

Reason #4: You can choose how involved the planner gets

Wedding planners will be involved as much as you let them, so loosen the reins on wedding planning. It’s totally 100% okay to have someone help you! Most wedding planers offer packages for 6 month planning, day of planning, or overall planning. So you can choose which package works best for you. You can still be a DIY bride AND have the guidance of a planner. 

So lets face it, there’s so many things to worry about when planning a wedding. But there is a solution to stress!! Looking back at my wedding, I don’t think anything went wrong… or at least I didn’t know about it 😉 

 Me with the Enchanting Event and Design ladies! We are so grateful to have Jeanne, Macy, and Emily in our lives!

Me with the Enchanting Event and Design ladies! We are so grateful to have Jeanne, Macy, and Emily in our lives!


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