4 Tips for Sparkler Exits!

Mar 10, 2016

Sparkler exits! They’re everywhere! And they are SO. MUCH. FUN! I think the last time I played with sparklers this much must have been on the 4th of July in elementary school! There’s no surprise that they’ve gained major popularity for weddings; what better way to celebrate?! I’ve learned a thing or two photographing sparkler exits that couples need to know! So here is my short and sweet list of Sparkler Exit Tips!

1. Get the longest sparklers you can find. Those short ones you played with as a child won’t cut it today! But the time the last person lights theirs, the first person’s will have gone out.

2. Supply lots of stick lighters! More than you think you’ll need. 6… 8… 10! Again, has to do with some sparklers going out before others are lit! Disperse them though out the line for even lighting.

3. Consider doing the sparkler exit BEFORE the reception is actually over! Let’s face it, fire, alcohol, and hairspray can be a volatile combination. If you’re able to stage the exit during the evening it goes a lot smoother! Everyone rushing out of the door at 11pm trying to light the sparklers, get organized, not burn someone, and the newlyweds rushing out to the limo sounds a lot to me like herding cats. Stage it beforehand and not only will you have more time to enjoy it, but the photographer will likely be able to grab a few more shots using the sparklers!

4. Pause for a kiss in the middle! And hold it 😉 If there’s room Grooms, twirl her and dip her! Have fun with it! How often are you running through sparklers in gorgeous gowns and tuxedos?!


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