Todd & Lovely: Pregnancy Annoucement!

Feb 18, 2016

I’ve known Todd since I was born. Ok, maybe that’s because he’s my brother! The best part about being his sister? First, he’s always there to help on moving day and drives the U-Haul. Second, my birthday is 3 short days after his, so when we were kids, we decided that we simply must eat his whole birthday cake before my birthday. Belly aches ensued. The worst part about being his sister? Terrible games like Shoes on the Roof, Bikes on the Roof, or Lock Anne in the Attic. I assume all of these are fairly self-explanatory. Todd and Lovely are great together and I am so fortunate to call her my sister! She’s generous, caring, and a baker, so she always shows up with freshly made bread! Bread is life.

Todd and Lovely got married a little over two years ago in a sweet courthouse ceremony. Their reception was very small and Lovely’s family flew in from the Philippines to share their day. At the time I was working in a jewelry store and Todd came to me to help him design a gorgeous bracelet for her wedding gift.

Several weeks ago, Todd and Lovely called late one night to tell me she was pregnant! I was speechless! It’s kind of hard to imagine my brother being a dad! He’s really just a giant kid. Every time he comes over to my house he’s either playing Legos, tug of war with General Travis Magoats, or running around on spy missions with Brody. I have been waiting for too long (ok, maybe like 10 days) to share this session with you! I’m going to be an aunt!!



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