Winter Storm Jonas: Baltimore Edition

Jan 26, 2016

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island with no contact to the outside world, you’ve heard about Winter Storm Jonas. While we didn’t go out with a ruler and measure every few hours, I can tell you that we got over 30 inches in just over 24 hours. It’s now Monday night and the roads still aren’t clear! That amount of snow all at once is just massive! There’s no where for the snow removal crews to push it! Let’s hope it melts quickly, but rumor has it, we might be in store for a little more snow this coming weekend. Save me. I’m thankful that Chris’ dad owns a snowblower! I’m also thankful that they live 3 houses down and made us Sunday dinner! It was nice to get out of the house even if we didn’t go far!

We didn’t venture out in the snow much, but with a 5 year old and a dog, you’ve gotta face the elements eventually! General Travis Magoats is a fan of the snow… sort of… but only in small doses. He gets really excited until his giant feet get cold and he’s ready to come back in! Brody on the other hand, will play out in it until we drag him back inside! He’ll also wear his wet clothes for the rest of the day. I lost a lot of time explaining why that isn’t the best idea. I don’t last very long, but I think that’s mostly due to my lack of proper snow gear. Someone remind me to buy snow pants. Chris was out all day Sunday. His parents live 3 doors up and his grandparents live 4 doors up. Remember that snowblower? The youngest family member living on the street is elected to be the operator. I haven’t officially joined the family yet, so I’m off the hook. After our three houses were clear, Chris rolled it across the street and started helping neighbors with their driveways. He worked all day and is feeling it today, but he was paid in a delicious Sunday night prime rib dinner.

In this first photo, you can get an idea of what we were dealing with. We had gone out Saturday and shoveled the sidewalk, but you can hardly tell. You’ll also notice my neighbor’s house across the street. They managed to pile the snow so high that they could (somewhat) safely jump OFF THEIR ROOF. (Kids, don’t try this at home.)

The second photo is off my back deck. You can see why the dog didn’t want to go outside! That large pile on the right is my table that my fiance built for us this fall. We made it out of salvaged 100+ year old wood. But that’s another post for another day!

And lastly, the sun came out today. Glorious sunshine. Melting snow, chirping birds, and icy sidewalks for me to slip on. Brody got his wish to build a snowman. (Do you wanna build a snowmannnnn, come on let’s go and playyyyy..) Brody was the designer and Chris was the construction worker. I was the stylist. We made his eyes from Oreos, nose from a carrot, and his mouth was made from gummies! …Our pantry was a little low on supplies, ok?

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