Jeff & Emily: A Private Beach Engagement

Jan 20, 2016

It’s surprising that Jeff and Emily hadn’t met sooner. They share several mutual friends and live relatively close to each other. I wish we could thank fate for this love story, but we’ve gotta hand it to the internet this time! They met online, decided to grab quick drink one night, and the rest is history!

When I met Jeff and Emily for coffee, we had so much fun talking about their wedding plans. I love how family-centered this wedding will be! Their ceremony and reception will take place at her aunt’s private estate and her whole family has helped plan! When it came time to talk about where they wanted to have their engagement photos taken, they knew immediately. Emily had spent summers growing up with her family at her grandfather’s beach house.  And when Jeff came in to the picture, he fell in love with it, too. There was a massive dining table for meals and board games, floor to ceiling windows, and a big yard to run around in. Did I mention the private beach? It was everything you could ask for!

I think my favorite part of it all has to be when I logged on to Facebook after I got home from their session. Jeff posts, “engagement pictures weren’t as painful as I anticipated”. If you’re a photographer, you know that guys aren’t usually too excited about having their photo taken, so this was a huge compliment! And I think the beer helped, too! 😉 


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