Baltimore Spring Family Session

The Kehler Family | Spring Family Portraits

Jan 21, 2020

Is anyone over this groggy Winter weather? I know I am! If it has to be Winter it should just snow or be warm – enough of this wishy-washy, freezing cold, all muddy outside thing. So since I’m in the mood for Spring Sundays let’s flashback to the Kehler family’s Spring family session from last April. I know, it was a while ago – but look! There are green grasses and budding trees and short sleeves and kids playing outside. . . no one is freezing or stuck in marshmallow coats turning blue from the cold. . . Are you with me? So let’s all warm up a bit and look over some of my favorite shots from the Kehler family’s session at Jerusalem Mill!

family portaits
Spring Family Session
Family Portraits
Anne Casey Photography
Photography by Anne Casey Photography


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