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Feb 8, 2019

How to Store Your Wedding Photos Safely

It’s no secret that your wedding is the most special day of your life. After all the design details are selected, the vendors are chosen, and the special moments fly by, you’ll look back on that special day with your wedding photos. It’s so important to keep these photos safe and cherished throughout the years to come, so how do you store and protect them? I’ll show you some options you can use to store your wedding photos and keep them safe and secure!

Digital Sharing and Back Up

After you get your digital copies of your wedding photos, typically the first instinct is to post them to Facebook. That’s awesome! Relive those memories with your family and friends (tagging your wedding photographer, of course). But, Facebook isn’t the place to store your wedding photos.

Always, always, always keep a digital backup of your photos! The most popular collection of photo services I offer includes a digital copy of your photos. I even recommend taking that digital copy and backing it up somewhere else. The cloud, a spare hard drive, wherever! Spare yourself the heartache of a dead laptop and the loss of all your memories.

Invest in a Wedding Album

Digital photos are so easy and fun, but nothing can replace the feel of turning pages or the joy of sharing photos face to face. My most popular wedding collection includes credit for printing your gorgeous photos! It also includes two photographers, 8 hours of coverage, digital files, and an engagement session.

A wedding album is a lovely reminder of your day and an heirloom in the making for the generations to come. You can’t keep the food or all the centerpieces, but you can always have the memories!

Diversify Your Photo Options

Whether you choose to do a full album with every single shot, or you simply want two or three special prints to hang on your walls, my advice is to keep your wedding photos in a variety of ways! Keep the digital files in at least two places, maybe on an external hard drive in a lock box with the other valuables and on the cloud.

How Will You Be Keeping Your Wedding Memories?

Your wedding photos are a treasure – hold onto them! Although we hope that disaster never strikes, it’s always best to be prepared for if it does. Your biggest concern though, should be “do we show them the wedding photos from Facebook, or dig out the 8×10 glossies?” You got married! Congratulations! And you have the photos to prove it!


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