Ethan’s Cake Smash | Maryland Family Photographer

Jan 25, 2020

Remember how earlier this week I had talked about combining family photos with an event you need photographing as well? This session is a prime example! Ethan’s cake smash was a great session to extend and get a few intimate family moments as well! And, yes, of course, we started with the family photos and […]

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First Anniversary Session | Maryland Portrait Photographer

Jan 24, 2020

You always tend to see engagement sessions, first birthdays or family sessions, but one you do not see enough are first anniversary sessions. Why are they not a norm yet? So I am here to try and change that! Here are Caroline, Steve, and their two dogs. They had married just a year ago and […]

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The Felpel Family | Maryland Family Photographer

Jan 23, 2020

A lot of times I see families put off family sessions and push them further and further down the calendar until it turns into them getting portraits done almost only for holidays and birthdays. But here’s my question. Why not combine family portraits with birthday, holiday or event sessions? Everyone does this at weddings, right? […]

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baltimore photographer

Olivia’s Cake Smash | Baltimore Family Photographer

Jan 22, 2020

I hope your New Years’ diet isn’t making you crave cake because this session is going to make it much worse! Olivia’s cake smash was FULL of sugar, icing and little smiles! We started out with Olivia dressed nicely so there are some great photographs of her at this age, not covered in icing. (I’m […]

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Baltimore Spring Family Session

The Kehler Family | Spring Family Portraits

Jan 21, 2020

Is anyone over this groggy Winter weather? I know I am! If it has to be Winter it should just snow or be warm – enough of this wishy-washy, freezing cold, all muddy outside thing. So since I’m in the mood for Spring Sundays let’s flashback to the Kehler family’s Spring family session from last […]

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Family Photos

Family Photos at Maryland Creative Collective

Jan 20, 2020

Let’s start this week off with the Bryant family photos, shall we? They are a very sweet couple that has one adorable little girl and even a Bassett Hound named Belle! Last Fall the Bryant family joined me at the trail behind Maryland Creative Collective for their family portraits. It was sunset lit, breezy and […]

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Branding Photography

Brand Photography | Anne Casey Photography

Jan 18, 2020

Let’s make today a small business Saturday, shall we? A lot of small business owners wear a lot of hats. Seriously, ALL THE HATS. But when it comes to advertising or marketing many find themselves lost. What photos should you put on your website? Should I select a selfie out of the 243 I took […]

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Baltimore Photographer

The McGregor Family | Baltimore Photographer

Jan 18, 2020

Do you hear it? That distinct Star Wars “DUN DUN DUN DUH DA DUNNN DU DAH DUNN” followed by that notorious Chewbacca call? Oh, well you are about to! How is that, you may ask? Just wait until you see the McGregor’s family dogs! I’m pretty sure they may be indirectly related to the Wookie […]

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Maryland Newborn Photographer

Haleigh’s Newborn Session | Maryland Newborn Photographer

Jan 17, 2020

Haleigh is here! Newborn photography is always a joy for me! I get to squeeze some baby cheeks and take a quick break from weddings. Haleigh’s parents are a previous couple of mine, and when I heard they were expecting I was overjoyed and even more so when they asked me to take Haleigh’s first […]

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Maryland Portrait Photography

The Adley Family | Maryland Portrait Photographer

Jan 16, 2020

This past November I was at Hampton Mansion to photograph the Adley family. Since the Adley family had grown by one, photos had to be in the works. Because of their 18-month-old, Lily, still getting used to Daylight Savings (the worst) we picked sunset for our session. Their family also included their 10-year-old English Bulldog! […]

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