Five Ways to Add Maryland Details to Your Wedding

Jul 8, 2019

Raise your Nattie Boh’s! If you’re a born and raised Marylander, or just love living here, you know that Marylanders have a lot of pride in their home state! There are so many iconic Maryland and Baltimore trademarks that you can incorporate into your wedding in subtle ways to celebrate being from Maryland. From your catering menu to your decor, here are some ways you can give an ode to your home state during your wedding!

Maryland Themed Wedding Favors

Assemble gift bags filled with classic Maryland brands as wedding favors. Here are a few ideas: Utz Crab Chips, Berger cookies, Zeke’s coffee, or engraved crab mallets! Or, hand out little mason jars of crab seasoning to your guests!

If you need a few more ideas, United With Love has a master list of Maryland goodies here.

Add Crab Motifs to Your Decor

If you want to be subtle but still want to add classic Maryland symbols to your wedding design, add crab motifs to your stationery, wedding favors, or signage. Or, if you want some more obvious Maryland touches, Ruffled Blog featured a wedding with an Old Bay Wall for guests as they enter the reception!

Add Nautical Touches

Make your design more nautical-themed by incorporating nautical colors into your color scheme, adding Navy stripes to your stationery or signage, and adding some nautical decor to your wedding. For example, use lighthouse-inspired lanterns in your table setting or add life preservers to the back of your guests’ chairs.

Incorporate Crab and Seafood Into Your Catering Menu

Maryland is best known for its love of crabs and seafood! Whether your hosting your wedding right in Baltimore or at one of the amazing venues along the Eastern Shore, planning your catering menu to include seafood dishes will add some subtle Maryland charm to your wedding. For example, Washingtonian featured an Eastern Shore wedding that served crab cake appetizers and a roaming raw bar during cocktail hour!

Use Lawn Games Like Cornhole to Entertain Your Guests

Incorporating lawn games into outdoor weddings helps keep the mood fun and light, plus is a great pass time for guests during your cocktail hour and reception. Cornhole is the perfect lawn game that’s easy to set up and simple for guests to play!

What iconic Maryland things are you planning to incorporate into your big day? There are so many possibilities that you can make completely your own!


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