Assateague Island Destination Engagement Session

Planning Photography for Your Destination Wedding or Engagement Session

May 18, 2019

Have you ever thought about going somewhere romantic and exotic for your wedding or engagement session? If so, there’s a whole list of questions you’ll have to ask yourself on top of normal wedding planning – but, don’t worry! Those special considerations definitely even out with the expense and planning you’ll be skipping with a destination wedding. Photography for your wedding, though, is still one of the most important decisions for your wedding day, regardless of where you plan to have the occasion. I thought I’d dig into some great questions and concerns you might have about planning your photography for your destination wedding or engagement session here on the blog!

Should I find a photographer at home or one closer to our wedding destination?

While you’re planning your wedding from thousands of miles away, it’s easy to feel like things are out of your hands. Having as many vendors as possible available to meet in-person before the big day makes all the difference with feeling secure about your wedding vendor team. If your photographer is only a short drive away, you can meet as often as you like to build that relationship and make sure your photographer really knows and understands what you’re looking for in your wedding photography! Plus – they’ll also be around for your engagement session so you can go through the whole process with the same photographer!

With destination weddings, I would always check with your potential venues to make sure they don’t have a mandatory list of local photographers that you must use for your wedding. If you plan to use a photographer that’s close to where you live, you’ll want to make sure your venue doesn’t require specific photographers for their location!

How do I find the perfect place for my destination wedding or engagement shoot?

Engagement sessions and weddings have one great thing in common: they’re both celebrations of yours and your fiances love for one another! That’s what makes destination weddings and engagement sessions that much more special. Not only are you and your fiance celebrating your love, but you’re also celebrating in a location that’s near and dear to your hearts! Think about places that hold important memories for both of you (Like Anna and Rob did for their engagement session!). If you went on an amazing trip to Martha’s Vineyard years ago, for instance, plan to take some amazing engagement photos there and reminisce about those memories!

What are the logistics I need to keep in mind to book my destination wedding photographer?

When you’re booking photography for your destination wedding or engagement session, remember to include travel expense in your budget. Airfare, accommodations, land travel, and vendor meals are all expenses that you’ll have to factor into your photography price. Contact me if you have questions about travel reimbursement!

Just remember, if you’re having a destination wedding, please take me! Just kidding, of course. But, I would be more than thrilled to capture your wedding day or engagement session in a beautiful destination location!


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