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Mar 16, 2019

Maternity photos are something that I never had done for myself, not officially at least. I wish I would have even snapped selfies of my bump! I love getting asked to shoot maternity sessions. Being pregnant is an experience unlike anything else. I’m sharing a bit about Chris and Bridget’s story in this season of life. I’ve known them for a long time, so it was such a joy to be able to capture this special time!

Bridget and Chris’s At Home Maternity Shoot

The couple works together at K&B Bridals. Bridget founded the company as well as its sister company, Moore and Co Events, and she and Chris work together on the businesses! They’re also building a house and expecting a baby, so they definitely have a lot going on!

Shooting photos for an at-home maternity shoot is so great; it’s low key, cozy, and easy to be comfortable in your own space. However, this session was a little different. In fact, when I arrived there was an entire construction crew trying to figure out how to get a 600 lb bath tub up the stairs. We took these photos at their new house, which was under construction. You can see in a few of the photos that we embraced the crazy and got some construction mess in the background of the shots. Shooting maternity photos at home is the the perfect way to start capturing all the memories that they will make their with their son over the coming years!

Life is never perfect – but it always has its sweet moments. I think that’s why it’s so important to take photos of everything that you want to remember, even the not-so-pretty. Even if it’s crazy right now, Bridget and Chris might look back on this time as very special, half-finished house and all. They were hoping to have their house finished before the baby comes. Bridget’s due date was Christmas – talk about the perfect Christmas gift!

Bridget and Chris have always known that they wanted to be parents but it was a journey to meet their little boy. Bridget was open with me about their pregnancy struggles and I admired her more and more each time we talked. Their friends and families were completely overjoyed when they announced they were pregnant! It was a long journey to meet sweet Kellan, but goodness was it worth it!

I remember when Bridget told me she was pregnant. I had stopped in the bridal shop for some business stuff and wandered upstairs to say hello to everyone else that was there. Her business partner, Courtney, had just gifted Bridget a portrait session with me and didn’t let on at all what the reason was! Bridget came over and told me what she was hoping to use her session for and I couldn’t believe it! Honestly – I asked her over and over if she was joking with me. I’m so thrilled for Chris and Bridget!

Since taking these photos, Bridget and Chris have welcomed their son into the world, and everyone is happy and healthy – and adorable! Congratulations Bridget and Chris on your baby boy!


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