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Feb 22, 2019

Raise your hand if you’re planning a 2019 dream wedding! I am so ready to see and experience everything that my 2019 couples use to bring their wedding visions together. Are you planning a wedding this year? Then you should consider these 2019 wedding trends – I know I am definitely looking forward to seeing these come wedding season.

Purple Wedding Details Everywhere

Purple is the color of royalty and 2019 is bringing it back in a big way! This year is all about varying shades of purple and I am here for it. You can get tons of dimension out of a purple palette, layering lighter shades with darker. Add in silver (another 2019 wedding trend!) and you’ve got yourself an entire wedding palette! Bonus, it’s my favorite color.

Natural Elements Wedding Trend

You all know I love an outdoor wedding, and in 2019 that trend is only increasing in popularity by bringing nature into indoor ceremonies and receptions. That means more greenery in both decorations and centerpieces. 2019 is all about making the indoors a little bit more outdoors by bringing the beauty inside without sacrificing the comforts of central air.

Grooms Mix and Matching With Groomsmen

2018 was the year of bridesmaids in different colors and it was adorable. In 2019, the guys are joining in on the fun! The newest thing is to have the groom wear a different outfit from the rest of the groomsmen, and I think that it’s wonderful. After all, it’s his day too and he deserves to feel special!

Unplugged Wedding Ceremonies

If you’ve read my FAQ’s, then you know how I feel about unplugged ceremonies. An unplugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to refrain from taking photos on their phone and enjoy the ceremony. I think that they are great ways to keep your guests involved with your ceremony, and it allows your wedding photographer to take photos without people’s cell phones in the picture. I post sneak peek photos as soon as humanly possible, so you won’t have to wait long to see snaps of the big

Silver and Chrome

Rose gold has dominated the stage for several years, but now she might have to take a back seat. Silver and chrome as metal accents are on the rise and are predicted to start showing up in 2019 wedding decor. I’m psyched to see how silver and chrome add new touches to wedding colors, but of course, rose gold will always have a special place in my heart. That being said, I’m a huge fan of all metallics! Can we get some bronze happening??

How will you be taking these 2019 wedding trends and making them unique to you? Leave your ideas in the comments below!


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