Easter’s First Birthday | Baltimore Lifestyle Photographer

Oct 26, 2018

Easter’s First Birthday | Baltimore Lifestyle Photographer

Hi! Today I am so excited share with you something a little bit different. We’re taking a little sneak peek at Easter’s first birthday! First off, what a super cute name right? I feel like it’s not one I’ve heard very often, which is awesome. It’s an adorable name! An adorable name for such an adorable little girl. I could not get over her curls or her big blue eyes. Doesn’t she look just like her mama?

We took these shots at Cylburn Arboretum, which is the cutest park, a little getaway snuggled in the city. It’s 200 acres with tons of different backdrops perfect for photo shoots that won’t overwhelm a little one. Plus it’s accessible to all, which makes it a photography dream! We shot this in the middle of a field with some nice greenery background. Mom and Dad were so helpful, and they look so loving holding Easter, don’t they?

Do you see the blankets that Easter and her parents are sitting on? They’re all handmade and gifted to Easter! What a special gift, and what a great way to remember them after they’ve been loved to pieces. I also love how the blankets and the outfits coordinated.

Shooting Easter was so easy; she’s such a sweet little girl! She definitely wanted to play. Look at how happy she is when Mom is tossing her into the air. She was so happy, and look at her adorable strawberry jumper. She was so interested in playing with the flowers. You can see in one photo she’s pointing to the basket like, “but I want them?” So cute! And then when she gets a hold of one, she’s so happy. She’s so beautiful!

I hope you enjoy these photos of Easter as much as I enjoyed taking them!


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