Four Reasons to Have a Wedding Boudoir Photo Shoot | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Sep 21, 2018

These days most people get wedding photos. Most people get engagement photos too. They’re beautiful moments that only once in a lifetime! Have you considered though, getting something a little more special?

That’s right, I’m talking about boudoir shots! Boudoir shots are definitely something to consider in the run-up to your big day. They look great, and they create more intimacy between you and your partner. If you’re looking for something a little special to do for your fiance you should get a boudoir wedding shot and here’s why:

You look great

Let’s face it. We’re women. We want to look good sometimes! A wedding is a time where the spotlight is on you, and yeah often times you work a little harder to look like the best you you can be. So why not commemorate that?
Get some pictures of your gorgeous self! And if you don’t feel super confident in your own body, taking some photos from a different perspective can show you that you are totally drop dead. Trust me!

You already bought the lingerie

Right? Either for your wedding or at some point during your relationship you bought some extra special undies. Bridal white, classic black, or sensual red.  Show them off! Lingerie is beautiful and so few people see it. Show it some appreciation!

Its empowering

In today’s world of high pressure media from movie stars to instamodels it’s easy to feel like not enough. You’re beautiful! Posing in underwear is scary! I get it. It’s literally getting a little naked in front of someone you’re not usually naked in front of.

Doing scary things can make you feel stronger. If you’re reading this, then a boudoir wedding shoot is something you’re interested in. I know it’s scary. I always do my best to make my brides feel comfy and at ease. And think how good you’ll feel after you’ve done it!

It’s fun

Like every photo shoot, you are in charge. I’m there to make your vision come alive and to help you out with my own creative ideas. Whether you want to slant silly or sexy, it’s all about you! Think about what would make you uncomfortable and communicate it. When you feel comfy, it’s much easier to feel at ease in front of the camera. After all, who doesn’t like to dress up every now and again and feel sexy?

It’s special

In all the hubbub of planning, it’s sometimes easy to lose sight of what a wedding is all about. It’s about you and your fiance! It’s about your love. I know that while you’re planning your wedding feels like just another day today. Soon though, all the magic of wedding prep will be in the past. Instead of a fiance, you’ll have a spouse!

If you’re ready to book your very own boudoir shoot, check out my page here! Yeah that’s right! I bet you didn’t know that I also shoot boudoir photography! I would love to help you soak up the memories of now. A photo shoot is a great way to take a minute out of your busy schedule and remember what it’s all about!


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