Kode With Klossy | Karlie Kloss Summer Camp | Baltimore Photographer

Aug 1, 2018

I remember hearing about the first Kode with Klossy camp and I thought it was such an awesome idea. For those of you that aren’t familiar, Karlie Kloss (yes, THAT Karlie- the Victoria’s Secret Angel, engaged to Josh Kushner, cover model, I could go on) started KWK in 2014 as a way to introduce the world and language of computer coding to young girls. Attendees must submit an application and video to be chosen. Once they’ve been selected, they’ll spend two weeks immersed in computer technology and working on special projects.

I’ve been following this camp since it first started. I remember seeing segments on the Today Show and thinking how awesome it was. Earlier this spring I was contacted by the Kode with Klossy team and asked to be their exclusive photographer for the Baltimore camp this year! It was an immediate ‘yes’ and I marked it on my calendar right away.

The overall experience was amazing! The teachers and teaching assistants were so welcoming and the attendees were so bubbly and friendly. There were a couple dozen students ranging from 13-18 years old. And let me tell you, these young ladies are incredible! I was blown away by their smarts and their desire to be a positive influence on the world. Their final project was to create a website from the ground up. Every site that I saw was designed to have a positive impact on the world. The sites were about becoming more eco-friendly, learning disabilities, and one even was a search engine to help families with children on the autism spectrum find fun outings to do! The students came up with these ideas all on their own and were definitely reassuring me that there are still good people in the world 😉

On the final day of camp, their families were invited to come view their presentations and see what the girls had been working on. You could absolutely tell how proud they were! The girls were totally invested, as well. One of the attendees had to miss the last day of camp but wanted to present with her group, so they Facetimed her in from the airplane! I loved it! Each girl hopes to return next year for Level 2, and if they do, I hope to be invited again! Maybe I’ll pick up a thing or two 😉



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