How a Month-Of Wedding Planner Can Keep Your Planning Running Smoothly  

Jun 16, 2018

Why Hire a Month-of Coordinator?

Are you a super-organized, type-A planner who has the details of their wedding planned out way in advance of their big day? If you are, great!! If not, you could benefit greatly from having a helping hand with your wedding planning.

If you’re shopping for wedding planning help, you’ve probably noticed that there are different levels of planning for different wedding budgets, ranging from full wedding planning to month-of planning. While full wedding planning is an amazing resource for brides who are feeling the overwhelm creep up on them, sometimes it’s not always in the budget and you need just that little extra push at the end to keep everything on track. Month-of coordinators are the perfect helping hand for brides who are on top of their game but could use a helping hand in the weeks leading up to their wedding.

Coordinating Vendors

You’ve found your wedding vendor team, which is awesome! Now that the day is coming up, the vendors need to know when and where everything is taking place. Month-of coordinators share that information with your vendor team and make sure they’re where they’re supposed to be and on the right schedule. They coordinate with us so you don’t have to!

Working with Your Photographer (That’s me!) to Craft Your Day-of Timeline

Your month-of coordinator will work with your venue and your photographer to put together a timeline that fits your vision of the wedding day and make sure there are no pieces missed. Remember my post on your ideal wedding shot list? Your timeline keeps all of those photo opportunities on schedule!  

Putting Out Day-of Fires

Ever heard of Murphy’s Law? Basically, it’s a safe bet that no matter how well you prepare for your wedding day, something will happen that was not planned. Month-of coordinators are experts at putting out day-of fires and anticipating the unexpected, which makes them a great team member for your wedding vendor team.

As a photographer, I work closely with month-of planners to keep your wedding day timeline running smoothly! Give me a shout if you’re still searching for the perfect photographer for your wedding day! 


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