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Nov 6, 2017

Travis is such a big part of my life (pun intended) that I thought I really ought to share a little more about him! Travis came to us almost four years ago in December. I have ALWAYS been a dog person and have had dogs literally my entire life. I’ve had english bulldogs, labs, and mutts, but Travis is my first mastiff! And let me tell you, I am completely infatuated with him! 

Travis is definitely not your average sized dog. He tips the scales at 130 pounds of muscle and slobber. His full name is General Travis Magoats. When we adopted him we found out that the previous owners called him by 3 different names! One of those was General, so we kept that as his first name and to help us transition into Travis. And I added Magoats on the end because there really wasn’t a reason not to 😉 

Travis is a boerboel, which is a South African Mastiff. He has a lot of similarities to a Bull Mastiff but he’s a tad bit smaller and more slim. We were originally told that he was a bull mastiff but then we did a doggie DNA test and learned about boerboels. 

He spends most days in the office with me snoring away. When he’s not asleep and snoring he’s chewing on a toy and burping. It’s a really glamorous life. His dog bed takes up half of the available floor space! He eats an enormous amount of food and takes a whole lot of medicine every single day. He’s got some allergies and based off of his weight he needs to take a dozen benadryl each day! It cracks me up. What’s even better is that it doesn’t even make him drowsy! How funny is that?!

He sneaks on the couch when we’re not home. He un-makes the bed for a nap after I make it each morning. He leaves his toys all over the house. He begs. He gnaws on your arm when he needs to go outside. He wants to be a lap dog and will climb into your lap at any opportunity. 

He’s sweet. He’s loyal. He’s our protector. He’s the best when you’re having a bad day. He snuggles when you’re sick. And best of all, he’s always happy when you get home at the end of the day! 

We love you, Travis! 


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