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Oct 9, 2017

Happy Monday, friends!

It sure is rainy, gloomy, and humid as all get out here in Baltimore. It’s hard to believe we’re in the middle of October and still dealing with temps in the 80s. I’m ready for cooler days and campfire evenings! Come on, Maryland! Get it together!

Saturday was spent photographing Devrin and Anshea’s wedding. It was at the gorgeous Holly Hills Country Club and we had amazing weather! Anshea wore jewelry given to her by her grandmother, a tulle and lace gown, and her makeup was flawless! Devrin was seriously dapper in his black tuxedo and a black watch to match. We had fun posing him to see how badass he and the groomsmen could look! Spoiler- they look like a magazine cover!

I’m now 31 weeks pregnant! Sheesh! I’m in full nesting mode and I’m not sure if my husband loves it or hates it. On one hand, we’re getting tasks around the house completed. On the other hand, I almost cried at brunch yesterday when he said he wasn’t going to assemble the baby’s dresser as soon as it arrived. Lordy. We ordered all of the furniture that we’ll need for her bedroom and are waiting a little longer to purchase any small items. My office is still set up in there so we’re trying to figure out how to keep things organized and contained. I’ve also been obsessing over preparing freezer meals. I do this occasionally just because it’s so convenient, but these are for once the baby comes. 

We’re beginning the process of finishing our basement! Sort of. Technically we started last fall when we built a bathroom down there but that was all we did. We wanted to have it finished and fully functional before our wedding since we had family staying at our house. But now we’re moving forward with everything else! Deciding on floors, hiring contractors, figuring out where the walls will go… etc. It’ll be a long process and our house is all discombobulated but doubling the square footage of this little house is going to be amazing! 

This week I’m attending another AKP Retreat! This retreat is in Baltimore so I’ll just head down to the city each morning and get to sleep in my own bed at night! I’ll be returning this time as a squad member and speaker and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous! I’m looking forward to meeting this group of attendees and giving them all big hugs! 


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