A Open Letter to Chip and Joanna Gaines | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Oct 3, 2017

Oh, Chip and Joanna, how I adore you guys! Clearly, the rest of America does, too. I think you strike a different cord with entrepreneurs and small business owners, though. Much like it took a little convincing that what Chip was doing was not only a ‘real job’ but also a profitable one, a lot of photographers experience those same kinds of feelings from family and friends. 

I remember watching the first episode of Fixer Upper and falling in love! Your relationship and successful business is an inspiration to not only me, but so many others around the country. As a small business owner, I understand the struggles you’ve faced and overcome to build your brand. I admire how much you’ve grown your career while still staying true to yourselves. I think it’s honorable the way that you share your values and beliefs with the world. 

Chip Gaines- you’re silly and witty, which means you’re Joanna’s perfect half! I melted when I heard how you knew Joanna was “the one” the first time you saw her photo at her dad’s auto shop.  I love your enthusiasm for demo day, puppies and farm animals, and ham sandwiches! You and Joanna make such a charismatic team while you’re renovating and designing houses. The goofy banter between you and Joanna always warms my heart. You remind me of my husband in so many ways- an overgrown child! 😉

Joanna Gaines- you’re SERIOUSLY #momgoals and a #girlboss. I love how you include your children while you decorate the houses. You’ve managed to balance family time and your work which seems almost impossible! It’s something that I struggle with every single day. My job is a little harder to include my son with, but there are times when he can come along to a shoot and he loves to help mommy work! I love being able to show him how I help provide for the family, like you do with your kiddos.

Most importantly, I admire the ambition you both have towards following your dreams. An idea will pop into your heads and if it feels right, you make the next move. Whatever obstacles are in your way, you always overcome them with grace. I think everyone can learn from your positivity and determination. That houseboat that didn’t float, that farm that you waited and waited for, and those silos that didn’t look like much from the outside, but you had vision and now it’s more than you ever could have imagined. You’ve created a brand, a lifestyle, and you’ve set an example that if you put your mind to it and stay true to yourselves, you can accomplish anything you dream up.

Thank you Chip and Joanna for sharing your life with me and the rest of the world. Yes, I know there is so much that happens behind the camera that doesn’t make it on tv, but I think the heart of who you are is still the basis of it all. With grace and compassion, grit and gratitude, and a cupcake for a sugar rush, you can tackle just about anything that is thrown your way.

 I can’t wait to see where life takes you next. We’ll miss seeing you every week on TV but that just means Ill have to make a pilgrimage to the holy land- Waco, Texas. 


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