Brooke and Morgan Shoot With Their Dogs | Maryland Family Photographer

Sep 25, 2017

Brooke and Morgan Play With Scarlet, Gus, and Milo in Hunt Valley 

I don’t think it could get any cuter than this shoot for sisters Brooke and Morgan and their dogs Scarlet, Gus and Milo! I’ve known Brooke and Morgan for years while their dad and I were volunteer firefighters together. Brooke and I also both wore the Ms. Fire Prevention crown! I even owe the adoption of our dog, Travis, to Brooke. Brooke is a Virginia Tech grad who works in the agricultural field and Morgan is a women’s soccer coach at Loyola. I was over the moon when they reached out to take some photos with their adorable pups! 

Brooke and Morgan reached out to me to take this shoot, just for fun! (In my opinion, everyone should take photo sessions with their dogs just for fun!) It was really just an hour or so of Brooke and Morgan playing with their dogs and walking them around an agricultural center in Hunt Valley. The shots we took of them playing with tennis balls were so adorable! It was a perfect sweater weather day with the sun shining and just the right amount of leaves on the ground. I’m obsessed with Milo and Gus’s little outfits! The little banana costumes are perfect and I can’t deal with how cute their little blue and grey hoodies were!

All of the dogs have such great personalities! Since the shoot, Brooke has added another bulldog to her little family. I’ve had two bulldogs, so they always hold a special place in my heart. Scarlett is the sweetest little meatball! The two bananas Milo and Gus are the most playful duo ever. Morgan loves dressing them up in adorable outfits. 

I’ve been so lucky to work with clients who want to include their fur-buddies in their photo sessions! I love capturing the bond between my clients and their pups.


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