Details Every Bride Should Think About Before Choosing a Wedding Venue

Jul 26, 2017

When you sit down to write out your wedding to-do checklist, what’s the first big to-do that pops into your head? Finding a wedding venue! If you’re like most brides, starting the search for the perfect setting for your big day is pretty intimidating. Narrow down the front runners by asking yourself these questions while you sort through the seemingly countless options!  

What’s your rain plan? 

A lot of brides these days love the idea of an outdoor wedding, especially for the pictures! Obviously, if you’re thinking about getting married in a ballroom setting, you won’t have to worry about the possibility of mother nature throwing a wrench in your day-of plans, but if you’re looking forward to a rustic outdoor setting, you have to make sure that your potential venues have another option. 

How many guests do you have? 

Before diving too deeply into venue searching, make sure you think about how many people you have on your guest list. If you’re having the hardest time cutting your guest list down to less than 150 or so odd family members and friends, you’ll want to think about how much room a venue has for people to move around, eat dinner, and enjoy the night! Not to mention, some venues have a maximum guest amount that you may not be able to meet. 

Do you have control over your vendor list? 

Some venues are stricter than others about which vendors you can work with for your wedding. Certain venues will have a preferred vendor or a must-use vendor that brides have to work with for them to host the wedding, like a caterer or rental company. Are you comfortable having fewer options to choose from in those areas? And, do those preferred vendors fall into your budget? 

Are you thinking about all the little details? 

Choosing a venue is arguably the biggest vendor decision you can make while you plan your wedding, but remember to think about the small details that go along with the decision to pick a venue. Does the venue supply table and chairs for the day-of at no cost? Are there bride and groom suites for you and your fiance to get ready before the ceremony? Little compromises on small details can add up if you don’t think about them until after you’ve chosen a venue, so remember to do your research! 

Keep these pointers in mind when you’re narrowing down your venue contenders, and you’ll end up with the perfect setting for your big day! 


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