On Your 7th Birthday | Charm City Sheridans | Personal

Jul 12, 2017

I always tell people how much fun the age of 6 is. You don’t have to worry about naps or crazy early bed times. You can wake up in the morning and turn on some cartoons by yourself and I can snooze for a few extra minutes. You constantly want to learn things, from how to tile a bathroom to how plastic is made. You love music and movies and adventures. 

You’re still timid about certain things, but you’ve overcome fears and insecurities. You started playing soccer even though you were a little unsure. You swung from a trapeze 20 feet in the air while you were floating over the ocean. You went indoor sky diving and did it without a bit of hesitation. You walked me down the aisle on my wedding day. 

We already know that 7 is going to be something really special. You’re becoming a big brother, something you’ve been asking about for years! You’ll start second grade and continue to excel. You’ll keep nurturing friendships and making memories. 

We’ve celebrated pretty big so far! We built you a treehouse and took you and your best friend to Hershey Park. Tonight we’ll go to your favorite restaurant, blow out candles on your favorite cake, and smother you with hugs and kisses. 

We love you, Brody! Happy birthday to my best friend in the world!! 


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