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May 12, 2017

Calling all brides!! Do you need help making your timeline for your wedding day? Are you feeling totally lost?  I’m sharing a few tips to help you create your timeline with ease. It’s SUPER important to set a realistic timeline for your wedding day. It can seem overwhelming trying to organize a schedule but it’s fairly simple if you take a few minutes to think through everything. You might need revision here or there, but once you get through the first draft the rest comes easily! Check out these tips- I promise it’ll make your life a little easier! 

1.) If you’re thinking about a first look, it will only add on about 25 minutes! First looks don’t eat up a lot of time and the emotional outcome is totally worth it. A lot of my brides decide to do first looks and they’ve never regretted it! Not sure about first looks? Take a peek at my first look blog to see what all the fuss is about 😉 It’s a great way to sneak in a little more portrait time without even realizing it!

2.) Be sure to all for at least 1 hour for portraits after your ceremony. Portraits can be a little hectic, trying to make sure all your bridal party and family is present and organized. Just remember that those portraits will be passed down for generations and generations. My in-laws have a gallery wall with family portraits and I know that for our wedding getting an updated Sheridan Family portrait was at the top of my father-in-law’s priorities. 

3.) Consider a bringing on a wedding planner or coordinator. Wedding planners and coordinators are timeline geniuses! A huge part of their job is making and following schedules, so they understand the importance of developing a fair and reasonable timeline. I hired a wedding planner for my wedding day and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! If you’re still hesitant about hiring a wedding planner, check out my post about hiring a wedding planner.

4.) Allow for some extra time for traveling and lunch! If you need to drive to hair and make up, make sure you budget enough time to get there. I’ve heard it’s good to nearly double the amount of travel time just to be safe. If you think it’ll take you 20 minutes to get to the salon, budget 30 to 40 minutes. My mother always said it’s better to be early than late! Also don’t forget to eat! Weddings days are somewhat of a marathon and you need fuel. Don’t think you can have a light breakfast and somehow you’ll be fine until cocktail hour! Those mimosas will catch up, and quickly! 

I hope you’re feeling extra motivated to work on your wedding timeline. Do you have any tips to share with other brides? Tell me below! Just remember, don’t sweat the small things! Happy planning 🙂 


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