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Apr 21, 2017

There are many reasons why women decide to take the leap and have a boudoir session. Most women take boudoir photos as an anniversary present for their significant other, to celebrate a weight loss goal, or as present for their soon to be spouse on their wedding day. But Miss. W had a different reason. She felt like she needed a confidence boost and boudoir photography had always been she wanted to indulge in. Miss. W felt a little self conscious in her own skin. After gaining some weight and few stretch marks, she decided that it was time to start loving her body even if she wasn’t her ideal weight. And I was SO delighted that she contacted me to join her on this journey! 

It was a rainy Sunday when Miss. W walked into the studio. She was a little timid but very excited at the same time. Whenever I do boudoir sessions, I always team up with a hair and make up company. My good friend Bethany from All Aglow Beauty partnered with me for this boudoir session and made her look gorgeous! I actually had Bethany for my wedding, so I know how great of a job she does! I always recommend that my clients get their hair and make up done professionally before we meet for sessions. Trust me, it makes such a difference! It also feels really nice to be pampered by the make up artist 😉  

I typically recommend bringing two outfits to your boudoir session and some accessories. Miss W. brought a gorgeous blue lace bodysuit and a black lace bra/panty set. And I was totally in LOVE with both outfits. Miss. W’s pale skin, red hair, and tattoos paired so well with her outfits. Miss W’s main concern was that she didn’t know how to pose. I knew that these photos were primarily for her, so we decided to do intimate and classic poses. And she totally knocked it out of the park! I showed her a few photos throughout her session and her face lit up, she LOVED how she looked. I was glad that I could help Miss W feel beautiful because she is! I love making women feel comfortable in their own skin and boudoir sessions are the best way to do it! 

Miss W was 100% thrilled with her photos, she even ordered an album! I’m so torn, I can’t tell which outfit I love more! How about you folks? Are you loving the blue lace? Or the black bra and panties? Tell me below!!

 Any Stranger Things fans?!

Any Stranger Things fans?!


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